Sunday, October 3, 2010

open mic debut

Went to an Open Mic and Art show last night at Roy Street Coffee and Tea which was created, organized, and hosted by my dear friend Sean Loomis. The art was beautiful, a broad array of canvas' ranging from black and white traditional American tattoo style drawings to oil landscape paintings. The music and poetry was more hits than misses, most was enjoyable enough for a nice coffee-in-hand-conversation-with-your-neighbor atmosphere, who doesn't love a few Beatles covers, eh? but one poet in particular, David Thompson, raised a few eye brows and hallelujah hands with the bulk of his boisterous writings being about cocaine, alcoholism, and the always stiff-spined topic of church, God and its effect on society. I, for one, found it near impossible to sit during his performance due to his energy, inflection and brutality of word...he was enthralling to say the least. The place was packed and seemed to be enjoyable for the wine and coffee connoisseurs that attended.

Bravo to the team that prepared and successfully debuted this open mic at Roy St. Coffee and Tea. Looking forward to more where that came from.

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