Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my resting spot

I work at a little cafe in Ballard, which is a northern borough of Seattle. I love my job and frequently have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a lovely book and an even lovelier cup of coffee. There are 5 large tables here plus enough counter space to seat 5, plenty of sitting room for the times I am able to get off my feet. All listed seating choices are good in their own right, but me? I choose a less obvious location. Our kitchen is not large so every nook and cranny is over taken by one object or another; useless or not. Everything has its place on one surface area or another...except for the top of the dishwasher. It is one place in the entire kitchen that is not spoken for. Its the only unclaimed resting spot. The circumference is about the size of a flattened basketball, is next to our refrigerator and, conveniently, shares a wall with where we shelve our plates. So, I have a seat (dishwasher) a back rest (fridge) and a table for my coffee (plate shelve). Amongst the many options...I choose the free nook in the kitchen to read my book and sip my latte.

Sometimes its the little things about yourself that make you smile.

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